General Manager’s report

COVID-19 created a unique set of challenges for our business, contractors and customers.

Fortunately, the forest industry was able to continue working through the pandemic, but the economic impact sent shockwaves throughout the industry and our communities.

To manage this, we worked with our customers to navigate the decline in demand and the hardships faced as a result of changed economic conditions.

I would like to commend our staff for their response to the pandemic.

Despite changed working arrangements and unprecedented economic pressures, staff have adapted and found new and innovative ways to help the industry move forward. Our resilience has been a great strength of the FPC.

To ensure the availability of our forest resources into the future, we invested $1.5 million in native forest and sandalwood regeneration and $10 million in expanding the softwood estate.

We renewed our focus on fire suppression by increasing the amount of staff involved in fire activity and awarding five of our 22 community grants to Volunteer Fire Brigades in regional communities through our Community Support Program to increase their fire suppression capacity.

The safety of our staff and the broader forest industry has remained a key focus. We hosted the Forest Industry Safety and Training Committee (FISTCo) ‘Fatigue’ Talking Safety forum, and we continue to work collaboratively with the industry to drive improvements in safety.

I wish to thank our Minister and our Commissioners for their continued support and guidance over the last year and look forward to continuing to work closely with them next year.

Signature of Mr Stuart West



Mr Stuart West | General Manager
15 September 2020