Performance management framework

To help evaluate our contribution to the State, we've linked the State Government goals to our strategic goals and the relevant key performance indicators. 

State Government goals

1: Better places

A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and vibrant regions.


2: Strong communities

Safe communities and supported families.


3: Future jobs and skills

Grow and diversify the economy, create jobs and support skills development.


4: Sustainable finances

Responsible financial management and better service delivery


Our strategic goals

G1: Healthy forests

Deliver healthy forests for future generations.


G2: Vibrant forest industry

Facilitate a vibrant forestry industry to deliver social and economic benefits, particularly in regional Western Australia.


G3: Business outcomes

Ensure efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes.


Key performance indicators

G1: Healthy forests

  • Quantity of native forest hardwood log timber harvested compared to the FMP sustainable levels and targets
  • Harvest of sandalwood does not exceed licence limits
  • Effectiveness of forest regeneration
  • The achievement of thinning schedules
  • All operations commence with required approvals
  • Independent certification maintained
  • Management of native forest fuel loads adjacent to priority pine plantations

G2: Vibrant forest industry

  • Softwood plantations planted in the previous winter meet minimum stocking levels
  • First and second rotation softwood planting targets are achieved
  • Timeliness of response to stakeholder concerns or complaints
  • Native forest resource processed locally (excluding any trials or research
  • Log deliveries meet customer orders
  • Sandalwood sales orders

G3: Business outcomes

  • Timeliness of initial response to Ministerial requests and Parliamentary Questions
  • Operating profit
  • Costs per dollar of revenue generated
  • Green sandalwood roots as a percentage of green sandalwood harvested